The Socialization of Environmental Conservation Effect and Introduction of Sikundur Station

Langkat district is one of the area that bordering with the Leuser Mountain National Park/Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser/TNGL which is supervised and protected by the government. The increasing of environmental phenomena that occurs in this area such as illegal logging, and illegal hunting is one of the reason for Ekosistem Lestari Foundation (YEL) to build The Research Station in Sekundur which serves as the place to monitor the wild Orangutan and the Biodiversity in that area.


On December 28th, 2016, we have conducted the socializations for few sub–district that located next to the TNGL area, which are, Sawit Sebrang, Batang Serangan, Sei Lepan, and Besiang Sub–district. The socialization is conducted with the interactive Question–and–answer session relating to the environment conservation effect as well as the problems that occur in local community’s environment. Not only that, the socialization also conducted in some schools in that area. His activities is conducted with the purpose open the local community’s view on the importance of maintaining and conserving the environment of the area where they lived