Sampoerna Academy visits the Orangutan Haven

Sampoerna Academy of Medan visit the Orangutan Haven which is situated in Pancur Batu, just outside of Medan on Friday 3 February 2017. Fifteen high school students and school staff came to learn more about the Haven, bio-diversity, conservation and endangered species and organic farming.

The visit was facilitated by education staff from Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari (The Foundation for Sustainable Eco-systems) and the Haven staff.

The morning’s activities began with an introduction and briefing on the Haven and its future development. Students and teachers were then invited to take trekking tour through the lush greenery of the Haven. It was a challenging trek for students that passed through a small stream, up some steep hills and down some slippery slopes. Along the way they witnessed some of the beautiful biodiversity on display at the Haven.

The tired students’ hard work paid off when they arrived at the organic vegetable gardens and were able to harvest their own selection of lettuce, long beans and the like. After lunch and a short rest, students and teachers completed an evaluation of the morning’s activities. The feedback was positive with students declaring that although it was tiring, it was an interesting experience. The Sampoerna Academy teacher told us that she’d like to return again (having been previously) and looked forward to bring more students and we certainly look forward to hosting them. Thank you Sampoerna Academy for your interest and support!