Packages & Programs

Waste Management

Where there is life and human activity, there must be garbage, because garbage is anything that is a byproduct of the process of life. Therefore, it can be said that the Garbage is anything that is not utilized in the process of life.

And now there are many people who do not understand how to manage of waste properly, such as sorting and recycling waste . For example, we can separate the organic and inorganic garbage which organic waste can be composted , while inorganic waste can be recycled into items of economic valu , such as : Recycled paper into paper, photo frames, envelopes, key chains, etc.

Through the activities of waste management participants are expected to understand the stages of waste management process and understand the impact of waste.

Organic Farming

Organic farming has Ecological Forest Principles which believes it can utilize agricultural ecosystem. We offer various activities of organic farming such as:

  • Organic Farming System which have teaches us the principles of real organic Farming, starting from the nursery , planting, maintenance , harvesting and post-harvest . And in maintenance process of the plant the participants could make bio-pesticides by themselves.
  • Conduct Urban Farming activities, trough this activities participants will be able to apply the principles of organic farming in urban areas (with limited space) in a simple way.
  • Cultivation of plants ( pineapple, peanut, curcuma and ginger )
  • There are some rare species in tropical rainforests.

Field Trip

The Knowledge that we got from the school can be explored while playing. The participants roam the tropical rain forest area and see the biodiversity in the jungle. The trip will take participants to the most impressive corners in the forest. Walking across the forest will make participants sweaty. The River with beautiful scenery will await the participants to cool the body after tired from trekking. This experience will make them understand some of the natural treasures are exceptional, such as :

  • There are the types of trees as shade and protect for human being and others.
  • There are various types of medicinal plants are efficacious.
  • There are some rare species in tropical rainforests.

In this program participants can see directly the locations of erosion and made several teaching models of erosion. In additional the program will offer to the participants to conduct activities how to prevent the erosion around the location.

The program also offers knowledge on renewable energy because in PPLH Bohorok we implement Solar Energy into Electrical Energy and biogas which use cattle dung into gas LPG.

Besides, the participants will also get a lot of information about some kind of plants and the facilities in PPLH Bohorok


Bukit Lawang is one of the tourist sites in North Sumatra. Community wisdom surrounding the main attraction to be recognized directly. The majority of people living in Bukit Lawang life with the Agriculture such as rice and rubber farmers the other people there are doing Handy craft such as coconut shells, rattan, bamboo and are quite interesting and we never seen in town is sugar making from called nira water produced from palm trees.

Outbound & Leadership

PPLH Bohorok provide Outbound program for the participant group, with the theme Environmental Education . The program aims to get closer to nature, to rise a sense of caring and responsibility for others and the environment, and strengthening the member of the team.

Requirement needed:

  1. Participants in each group at least 10 people
  2. Book the activities 2 weeks before to PPLH Bohorok.
  3. Complete the form and facility program.
  4. An advance payment of 30% of the total cost of one week before the event.