Environmental Education Centre (PPLH) Bohorok is a Non-Government Organization Non Profit which has Environmental Education Program and Nature Conservation. PPLH Bohorok established since 2000 and legality is under Yayasan Ecosystem Lestari (YEL).

PPLH Bohorok has a vision are built awareness rising of the environmental conservation and sustainable development through environmental education and education for sustainable development.


PPLH Bohorok has mission are:

  • Conduct Environmental education to build awareness rising for communities to respect the environment.
  • Conduct conservation efforts and environmental management wisely and sustainable, trough develop, assist, and disseminate information and knowledge that are environmentally friendly to improve the welfare and peace of people.
  • Provide information and build cooperation among the communities in conservation efforts and environmental management wisely.
  • Conduct Capacity Building in various aspects for the community to empower, poverty reduction and build independence.
  • Provide advocacy to protect the environment.

To achieve the vision and mission of the various programs that have been designed such as: Jungle Trekking at Leuser National Park, Organic Farming, Waste Management Program, Alternatives Energy, Ecotourism Program, Medicinal Plants, Urban Garden, Out Bond Packages, Environmental Education Program in schools and communities, also varios program that are packaged in several packages for the student and Communities.

The expected impact of the presence of PPLH Bohorok is a change in mindset and behavior of the people about the environment so that more wise and responsible for the Environment itself.